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Garden Renewal Project Expertise - For Garden Design East Sussex


Garden Design Studio, Newick,

East Sussex, BN8 4SB

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Garden Vision Service


Kate's bespoke Garden Vision Service is specially for -


Garden Lovers 


Who require their borders looked after, managed and enhanced over time by an experienced, horticultural and artistic expert.


No garden stays static as everybody who tunes in to Gardeners World only knows too well. The finest gardens are those that the owners recognise the need for nurturing over the seasons.


Kate is happy to take complete control, working out and doing what needs to be done, properly and at the right time of year. She is also very happy to liaise closely with the home-owner and run through and carry out all the seasonal lists of tasks.


In Kate's trusted hands clients have peace of mind that their garden is in the capable hands of an expert who knows how to add flair and nurture their garden in a most time efficient way. Kate will invariably know all the names of the plants (including seedlings) in a garden and will have no need to rely on plant labels, often lost over time.


Services offered:


   Shrubs, climbers and roses pruned.

   Perennials managed, pruned and divided.

   New enhancing plants suggested, sourced and planted.

   Regular top ups with a medley of starter plants that suit the garden condition and style.

   Older plants rejuvenated.


   Selective weeding, keeping useful seedlings and discarding pernicious weeds.


   Seasonal bulb sourcing and planting.

   Advice, suggestions and troubleshooting.


Kate always brings all her own garden tools & equipment

Billed monthly at the end the month

WhatsApp summary after each visit

Fortnightly 4 hour session - £160, £40 per hour.

   Or seasonal visits as required, please enquire.  



   Optional Quartely Plant Sourcing Service Fee £280.

   (Excludes cost of plants)


   For clients wishing for Seasonal Plant Selecting

   from Specialist Sussex Nurseries/Bulb suppliers 


Plant Care