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Garden Renewal Project Expertise - For Garden Design East Sussex


Garden Design Studio, Newick,

East Sussex, BN8 4SB

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Your visit was extremely helpful and really helped clarify thoughts. So thanks again, I'm galvanized now into taking ownership and moving forwards.


Martin P - Rye

East Sussex

I'm really chuffed. I got Kate in to re-design the layout, come up with a planting plan and re-plant my garden.


Sarah S - Newick

East Sussex

Kate has recently prepared my garden for Spring and it looks fantastic. We have a large garden and Kate made light work of it. Really professional.


Catherine C - Newick

East Sussex

Many thanks for all your input here and for your expertise.


David W, Haywards Heath

West Sussex

Your plants look fantastic, we are so pleased. The whole thing has great interest and looks lovely this Autumn.


Michele P - Lindfield

West Sussex

Cornus ©
Echinacea photograph © InspiredPlanting
Hamamelis photograph ©
Cornus photograph ©
Phlomis photograph ©
Hydrangea photograph ©
Geranium photograph ©

Our garden is beginning to take off, the overall effect is lovely.


Joy & John E - Crowborough

East Sussex

You did a wonderful job, there are gardeners and there are gardeners.


Jeanette G - Haywards Heath

West Sussex

Thank you so much for doing all this work and giving the beds a big boost! I am excited to see how all the plants turn out.


Alastair B - Speldhurst, Kent

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